Our programs at the Sunny Center are based on NAEYC guidelines.

Infants (birth to 12-15 months)
infant kids playing lego

  • Infants needs are important and caregivers respond quickly to coos and cries
  • Infants learn to trust their caregiver and develop security
  • Caregivers talk to babies using simple words and phrases throughout the day
  • Cardboard books are provided for infants to look at (and chew on).
  • Books help infants identify pictures and names as they sit on providers laps
  • A safe space is provided in which your baby can practice developing physical skills.
  • Safe toys are provided that they can roll, bang, grab, and pat
  • Simple games of Peekaboo, Five Little Piggies, or Itsy-Bitsy Spider are played or sung to them
  • Immunization is important at the center and we check to make sure they are immunized.

Toddlers (12-15 to 30 months)

2 teacher helping their students Toddlers are at the age of exploration so we create an environment that your child can safely explore and manipulate objects. They are learning about the world, including things and actions.

Caregivers respond to developing language by extending your child’s one-or-two-word sentences. For example, when your child says, “Outside” a provider will say “You want to go outside to play?’

At this age they are provided lots of opportunities to develop and explore language.

  • Surrounding the child with picture books to read in groups or one on one is important
  • Singing songs and doing simple finger plays in a more developed level
  • They start to branch out of their world to play with other children
  • Simon says and Ring-Around-the-Rosy

Younger Preschoolers (2 1/2 to 3 1/2)

teacher and her 3 students Independence is encouraged to help the child learn to dress themselves, fix a simple snack, or choose between options (“Would you like apple juice or milk”). Communication is increased as daily activities proceed throughout the day.

Coordination is developed more in depth with simple puzzles, beads for stringing, and chucky crayons for scribbling and drawing

They continue to explore language and build vocabulary by reading picture books, singing favorite songs, telling riddles, and playing more simple games. Pretend play is encouraged. Caregivers help point out colors, name objects, and point out meaningful letters like D for Dante.

Older Preschoolers (3 1/2 to 5 years)

teacher teaching her students to write Children in this age group are given opportunities to sort and classify. They love to pair things together such as socks, colors, numbers, objects etc.

They are given a variety of writing materials and they may be used to extend pretend play activities:

  • Rhyming games may be used to help children this age notice similar sounds
  • Children at this age are still learning to read, write, and identify print

We do not push or pressure them into reading and writing but value their effort. We do preschool activities onsite but we do partner up or support head start programs in the area for transportation if we are able to.

Kindergartners and school age (6-12 years old)

girl doing an artWe provide transportation to schools depending on enrollment each year. We encourage parents to survey the territory and visit the school with your child before the official start of school. We also encourage parents to start a daily routine a few weeks before school begins and involve your child in the process of packing his lunch or choosing his clothes.

Prepare yourself mentally for separation or first day jitters. We encourage parents to set aside homework time at home. We will help with what we can at the center but parent involvement is encouraged.

After School Programs

children playing outdoor We are in the process of gathering input from parents. If there is a program that you would like to see implemented at the center, please let us know.

Itty Bitty sports with parent support for couching is encouraged at Sunny Center. There is a nice park down the street with lots of running space for outdoor activities.

Nutrition Program

teacher and her students eating Sunny Center participates in Alliance for Children, a federally approved program. We also have a kitchen in our facility to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for children.

“This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”

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