Toddlers (12-15 to 30 months)

Toddlers (12-15 to 30 months)

2 teacher helping their students Toddlers are at the age of exploration so we create an environment that your child can safely explore and manipulate objects. They are learning about the world, including things and actions.

Caregivers respond to developing language by extending your child’s one-or-two-word sentences. For example, when your child says, “Outside” a provider will say “You want to go outside to play?’

At this age they are provided lots of opportunities to develop and explore language.

  • Surrounding the child with picture books to read in groups or one on one is important
  • Singing songs and doing simple finger plays in a more developed level
  • They start to branch out of their world to play with other children
  • Simon says and Ring-Around-the-Rosy

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